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Isla Verde

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November 22, 2009 |  After we arrived in David, we were lucky to find a cab that was willing to drive us to our lodgings in Boquete for $25.  Isla Verde isn’t your typical hotel.  I was a little surprised when the cab driver stopped in front of a house in a neighborhood– maybe he was confused?  I soon learned that the main house is actually where the owner lives (we mistakenly walked in, not realizing that it was her home) and then the roundhouse that we had rented was a short walk from there.  A young German (?) girl escorted us to our roundhouse (She had to be around 21 yrs old? Maybe younger).

I’ll start by saying, the roundhouse was bigger than I expected and super cute! Here’s my family sitting at the dining table (I took the shot from the loft!):

There were a total of 3 beds– a full-sized bed up on the loft, a small twin-sized  by the dining table, and another full-sized bed under the loft.  I, of course, got the small bed as Jennifer quickly claimed the loft as her private haven.

First image is my bed plus dining area.  You can see there’s a tv in the corner of the room but we didn’t turn it on once while we were there!  Second is my parents bed– you can see the stairway on the upper right corner, which leads to the last image– my sister’s bed up in the loft!

For anyone who’s considering going to Boquete, I definitely recommend Isla Verde!  Breakfast is available (made to order) at a cost, as well as laundry services.  The girl in front actually woke up early to make our breakfast so that we could eat before our hiking tour!  The roundhouse also had a kitchenette and bathroom.


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February 1, 2010 at 2:36 PM

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Hotel? Check!

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Success!  And much earlier than I expected.  Actually got it on my first bid on Priceline.com with a 3-star hotel (prior to this, I only tried 4 and 3.5-star hotels).  Maybe I should have tried a lower amount?  Oh, well.

Courtyard by Marriott Boston Downtown/Tremont
$60/night x 3 = $180 + $32.12 (taxes) = $212.12

I checked out the price on their webpage— $179/night for an equivalent room (total for 3 days: $603.86)!

Cost Summary
Airfare (Continental) $317.70
Hotel (Courtyard by Marriott) $212.20
TOTAL $529.90

Now that I’ve gotten the two biggest costs covered for the trip, it’ll be easier to budget/plan the rest of the trip.  Max for this trip is $1,000 but I’m thinking $820 should be enough.  This means 3 days, $96.70 per day for food and activities/attractions.

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June 5, 2009 at 5:16 PM

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Priceline Negotiator!

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After browsing through Boston hotel prices, I’ve decided it’s time to give Priceline.com a try.


I went to BiddingforTravel.com to get an idea of what other people have paid, and my goal is to get a room for under $80/night at a 3-star hotel (minimum) in Copley Square, Quincy Market, or Boston waterfront.  Someone recently got a 3 1/2-star hotel in Copley Square for $75/night for 7/11-7/13 (Sheraton Boston Hotel).  Orbitz.com shows $186.50/night for the same dates, same hotel!

This is what I tried:

7/30 – 8/02 (3 nights) –> This won’t change.

Quincy Market; 4-star; $60

Quincy Market + Copley Square; 4-star; $65

Quincy Market + Copley Square + Boston Waterfront; 4-star; $70

Quincy Market + Copley Square + Boston Waterfront; 3 1/2-star; $70

I may be lowballing it but whatever, the trip isn’t for awhile so I have some time to play with it.  I did read that sometimes priceline doesn’t get it’s deals in its ‘inventory’ until closer to the date of travel.   Guess we’ll find out!

I’m excited to see how the process works!  Hopefully I can get a good deal…*keeps fingers crossed*

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June 3, 2009 at 10:56 PM

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