Rocky Mountain National Park – Holzwarth Historic Site

We visited Holzwarth Historic Site on our first day at Rocky Mountain National Park– er, actually I visited it while Michael napped in the car. He was sleepy after lunch, so he opted to stay in the car, lol. This hike was only 1.2 miles round trip and was essentially a walk to get a glimpse of what life in the mountains was like back in the early 1900s when the Holzwarth family lived in the area.

I honestly didn’t spend very much time looking at the structures and displays that were there– what was more interesting for me was the wildlife that I spotted on the walk! I probably spent a good 5-10 minutes just watching the ground squirrels run around. I talked to one of the park rangers who told me that the moose was a young male that had recently left its mom and frequently hung out around the site.

This little one was watching the two other ground squirrels in the pictures below.

Hike info: Holzwarth Historic Site

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