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Finca Lerida

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November 24, 2009 |  Prior to the trip, I researched the different coffee plantations in the area, and chose Finca Lerida for the scenary.   Our taxi driver, Esteban, drove us to the plantation and we asked him to return in 2.5 hours, after our tour.

Finca Lerida also has it’s own lodge, but it was a little pricier than what our budget could afford.  Shortly after we arrived, we met our guide Andres and were joined by a young couple– I think I saw them at the Miraflores Locks museum!  Interestingly enough, Andres was a mechanical engineer who helped design and build some of the machinery in the coffee factory, which is how he ended up becoming in charge of the quality control for the coffee preparation process.

Andres taught us a lot about coffee-growing, such as the conditions that maximize coffee bean quality and the effects on coffee by changing conditions, such as climate, when they’re harvested, altitude, etc.  It was very informative!  He gave us a tour that ended in the tasting room.

I was pleased to learn from Andres that they’re constantly looking for ways to be as green as possible and minimize waste.  Even the water used to wash the coffee is reused!  We tasted Geisha, washed, and natural coffee.  The Geisha coffee goes for $230/lb while the other 2 were max $25/lb!  I’m actually not a coffee-drinker due to my oversensitivity to caffeine, but I did take a few sips of each.  Geisha clearly tasted the best to me.  The natural one reminded me a bit of Chinese herbal medicine, ick.

Apparently they’ve started making this honey coffee that’s done very well in Japan but it wasn’t available to us.  Of course, their best stuff is imported.


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August 1, 2010 at 11:24 PM

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